The Tire Stewardship of Saskatchewan Inc. (TSS) is the approved program operator for scrap tire management and recycling activities in Saskatchewan.

The TSS is a non-profit corporation that was established in June 2017 by the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) and the Western Canada Tire Dealers (WCTD) to serve as the scrap tire recycling program operator in Saskatchewan. The TSS is now operating in the province under a new Ministry of Environment approved Product Stewardship Program since January 1, 2018.

The TSS is led by an industry-focused Board of Directors, who receives input and advice from an Advisory Committee and from Industry Working Groups.


Chief Executive Officer
Stevyn Arnt


The TSS Board members are:

  • Colin Fraser, Chair – Owner/Operator OK Tire, Prince Albert (RCC Rep)
  • Ray Geleta, Vice-Chair – Executive Director, WCTD
  • Len Ritchot – General Manager, Market Tire 
  • Richard (Porky) Porter – Independent Member-at-Large


The TSS Advisory Committee members are:

  • Amy McNeil – Executive Director, SARC/SARCAN (Chair)
  • Brady Pollock – Executive Director, Environmental Assessment & Stewardship
  • Shelly Nicolle-Phillips – Manager, Waste Stewardship
  • Laurie Wishira – Zone Manager, Kal Tire
  • Bryan Matheson – Mayor
  • William (Bill) Huber – Councillor
  • Brett Eckstein – Tire Stewardship of Manitoba (TSM)

Tire Stewardship of Saskatchewan